Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vogue 1179... the other one

This was the first Vogue 1179 I made, but I have only managed to get the photos organised.  We went away for a week-end to attend a family engagement party.  It was a great little dress to pack and take for this kind of occasion.

I look very white in these photos which were taken in our motel room.  My hair had the copper foils added the week before so I wonder if the strong colours of my hair and dress wash me out a little.

In this dress the fabric is lighter than the patterned one, and the fact I probably need a swayback alteration is more apparent.  Always interesting how different fabrics can sit so differently.

The patterned version is a big favorite of mine and has been worn to the office every week since I made it.  This teal one is reserved as my "going out" version.  Does anyone  else categorise their clothes that way?

Ciao.. activewear coming up next.


  1. I really love this dress Sue. I think that the colour is great - as is your hair! And yes, I categorise my clothes the same way.

  2. I think it's more the white walls reflecting back that is making you look pale. Love the dress, and the colour is gorgeous on you - as are your copper foils. :-)

  3. So pretty! I have this pattern, and I keep thinking I'll try it. Meanwhile I love yours. And I organize my clothes 'mentally' but I have a hangup on wearing things anyway - I have trouble wearing new things that I love, I'm so afraid I'll wear them out too soon. Crazy. I can always make another!

  4. This is a nice dress and hair color for you, Sue. I do have clothes that I wear for certain types of occasions.

  5. I love this dress Sue, as well as your other one. I couldn't find the pattern anywhere so I had to make up my own. I will be blogging my version as soon as I can get some photos. All inspiration is credited to you.

  6. Love your dress and the colour. I save certain things for best as well, which is silly really as they hardly ever get worn.


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