Sunday, February 23, 2014

House warming - log cabin quiilt

My DDH comes from a mixed ( is that the right terminology? - two marriages ) family so one of his brothers is much younger than him (considering he is the eldest).  Andrew  (the youngest) is from a second marriage and born about the same time as our first born.  Such a great young man... and he has paired up with a great girl that you can only take to your heart. They live in our local town and have recently bought their first house.  As celebration of this major event I made a quilt as a gift....Log cabin as it is their first house (timber too) but not  in traditional colours via this tutorial


Not much else to say - all from stash but bought some more reds/ oranges as did not have them in stash. Very simple quilting following the diagonals. Some more photos...   

Love log cabin style as you can fussy cut blocks...

pieced the backing and it fell in line with the quilting (happy about that)

Loving this quilt and loving when you make a gift that seems to have gone down well. :)  Active wear sewing next....


  1. Fabulous quilt Sue and such a lovely gift that sounds like it will be treasured too.

  2. What a lovely gift. Very special. Love the cat block

  3. A lovely and generous gift and love the bright colours and cheeky faces.

  4. Lovely Sue. Love a good old log cabin such a versatile pattern.

  5. What a lovely present for a young couple starting out. It says a lot about them that you were willing to spend so much time making them something from the heart.


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