Saturday, January 18, 2014

Forgetting seam allowances!!

Well I have been enjoying my freshly painted sewing studio very much.  The reorganisation was well worth the time and pain.  I have been working on a quilt but need to hand sew the bindings and gift it before I can show you pictures.

This week-end I decided to do some quick and simple clothes sewing to clear the palate after the quilting. 

I bought 1m of fabric of the clearance section of Spotlight for $5.  However it was not as noted on the tag.  I did realise the fabric was not nylon/poly as noted on the tag.  I could see and feel that it is a nice soft knit - I suspect rayon.  However it was folded double on the roll and I wondered how wide it was and believed the swing tag that it was 150cm wide... why??    I had planned to use it to muslin a Kwiksew tee shirt pattern, but of course as the fabric was not as wide as needed so I had to look for another pattern - Ottobre 02/2010 -1 the Linnea top to the rescue.  I have made this top twice before but one version shrunk so as this top is a similar colour it will replace it.  

Sad tale continues... I forgot to add the seam allowances as I cut it!  Sooo... I have a nice top which I have sewn the smallest of seams on and I will wear it even though it looks a little tight over the bust.  I get a few of the pull wrinkles there... *sigh*.  However for $5 I am declaring it good enough so this is my finished top on Diana... fits her a bit better over the bust as I have put on weight, but Diana hasn't...

This is a great top to wear with the Tessuti Suzy pants I have made.

And while I was on the theme of forgotten seam allowances I thought I would fix a top I made back in April of 2012.  It is a another Ottobre - Cool Hippie from 05-2011.  

It was made sleeveless as I didn't have enough fabric for the sleeves but had a big opps moment with the collar.  I cut it the wrong way the first time, then when I cut it the second time I forgot the seam allowance... and of course, did not have enough fabric to cut it a third time.

I did wear it a few times but the collar was way too tight and uncomfortable so it was relegated to the 'to be fixed' wardrobe.  Finally I have got a around to it.  I cut the collar out and used chalk to mark a new neckline which was based on the neckline of the Linnea top's sister Morning Blush 02-2012-18.  Same pattern as the Linnea but with a different neckline.  Then I turned under and stitched... new top in the wardrobe.  

I am really pleased to have it back in the wardrobe as I find this teal/turquoise colour works really well for me.

Well thank you for listening to my tales of woe... Hopefully more successful sewing results to show you next time...Ciao!


  1. Both tops look lovely Sue, the second was a great save! How pesky about the seam allowance and so easy to do. Glad the first top fits well enough and $5 is a bargain.

  2. Great tops and great rework on the last one. I was caught out with my first BWOF pattern and now add seam allowances when tracing.

  3. Glad you saved the teal top it is a really lovely colour.

  4. Both tops look lovely...and I'm impressed with your follow-through on the 'saved' top. That takes some willpower. Forgotten seam allowances happen to everyone - don't sweat it.

  5. Good old Spotty clearance table - first place I head! Both tops look good and just what you need for this time of year.

  6. Salvaged tops are very nice and I have sewing studio envy. It must be lovely to have this fabulous space to do your sewing and quilting! (Also a bit jealous of Diana :-)


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