Thursday, November 7, 2013

Burdastyle 03/2012 #120 - hi-lo dress

I haven't seen anyone on Pattern Review review this dress but there are a few on the Burdastyle website - 03/2012 #120.  

I decided this might work for me as I have a straight cut singlet dress and I wear it a lot (mainly at home) - V8138, so I thought a more fashionable version may be the ticket for for this summer.  

Mostly when I look at versions of this dress, it has been made in a plain jersey.  I have used a mesh print and lined it.  I am not 100% convinced that it works in a print and I have a hankering to make it in a plain navy.  I think that would be a great backdrop for some chunky necklaces and *perhaps* look slimming as well.

Well this is the finished frock on Diana.

My reluctance to model this is that it really highlights the legs and I am wondering if at my age I should have cut the 'hi' part a little lower.   I may do this for my next version in a plain navy.  I wasn't sure I liked the hi-lo hemline when it first appeared but like most things, it has grown on me the longer it is around.  Maybe I should have stayed with my first impression??

Anyway that is the sneak peek for now, you may see a modelled shot yet.  Any thoughts on using the print or the hi-lo thing?? Ciao for now!


  1. Well, I really like it in the print. i also think you're being a little too harsh on the hemline - you've got great legs AND you work hard to keep them that way. Show those suckers off, I say! BUT a modeled picture would be nice...just sayin' ;-)

  2. Would look great with white capris if you are worried about your legs. Very pretty colour.

  3. The print is lovely, very summery. And I don't think age has much to do with whether you should show off your legs - you're very active and from what I've seen you are in great shape. Go for it I'd say!

  4. You work hard for your fitness and have great legs, I think it is just a style that you haven't worn for any time before as it is far too nice not to wear.

  5. Sue. Can I just say if you have good legs, show them off. At worst, most of the time if you're sitting at a table, they won't be seen.
    However, you workout so you would have great pins.

  6. Very nice dress Sue. I agree with the others. Show off those legs. Great fabric.

  7. I agree you have worked hard for your great legs and show them off. I love the print and colour.

  8. Very pretty dress, Sue. Beautiful colour.. I'm with everyone else, show off those lovely legs!


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