Monday, July 30, 2012

Waistcoat - Burdastyle 10-2011-126

I have made a bow tie blouse from Burdastyle 10-2011 , which I have not shown you yet.  But while I was sewing that on a whim, a new whim hit - the vest they pair with it.  I have photos of that one, so for you... the vest...

I know Diana is missing a top but I was hoping you could see the details in these shots.  I was pretty happy with my double welt pockets.  The fabric is new, but the pattern is stash (ie 6 months or older and never used before).  The buttons are stash as well.  I think they were on a cardigan I had as a teenager.  Seems suitable as they call this vest '70's styled to have buttons from then!

I like how the cut of the pattern brings the main fabric (corduroy) round to the back of the vest.  The satin is a poly charmeuse satin that I found at Spotlight.  I wasn't sure I would find a suitable colour to match the corduroy.

So piccies on me...

It actually fits me better than Diana particularly across the upper back.

I really liked wearing this vest and it just added the right weight for a Winter day in Brisbane.  The review is here for those interested.

I hope to be back soon with pictures of the bow blouse.... Ciao! 


  1. I love it and the fit is perfect. I've been wanting to make a vest for ages and I never actually get around to it. I even have a black cord remnant ... maybe it's time I did it.

  2. Very cute vest and agree about the style lines.

  3. Sue, the vest looks really good on you!

  4. Now you're getting into the stash spirit! Buttons from a cardigan when you were a teenager? Impressive! Ha ha.

    I like your vest a lot. You have got the fit down perfectly and the colour matching is fabulous.

  5. Nice vest! Vests are a great way to use leftover fabrics; I have been collecting vests patterns for a while but the one I made is a summer one!

  6. Your vest looks fantastic, with such a good fit. I like how wide the corduroy wales are. And it does look cool how it wraps to the back.


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