Saturday, October 15, 2011

V1224 Tracy Reese dress

Well it was my turn to try the Tracy reese dress Vogue 1224.  I used a fabric I bought from  When it was sent I got heaps more than I ordered and wondered why but when I lay it out to cut it I could see why.  There was a regular fault in the fabric print.  However this pattern has not got very large pieces so I was able to cut the pieces in between the faults.  Generous they sent more, but if I had wanted to make a dress that required larger pieces I would not have been able to cut it out without having the print fault showing.

I read all the reviews of this dress and saw that most people recommeded lengthening the bodice (and the skirt) but I decided I wanted it to look just like the pattern and so went on my own head-strong path and used the pattern as it stood.... I should have at least lengthened the bodice. The bodice feels too short and it tends to pull the neck down, so I think it would have been more comfortable to wear with maybe another 2 inches in length in the bodice.

I do think however it does resemble the cover pic, even though I am not shaped like the long legged lovely in the pic.

I had some turqouise beads (which I have had for probably 30 years) and used them on the tie ends.

 This photo shows the dress more front-on and I think it makes me look very round from the waist down.  Not loving the shape it gives me...

 I will just have to make sure I always stand slightly angled on to everyone to make it look more flattering...

The review is here for those interested.  Ciao or is that Meow for now...


  1. LUcky you were able to cut this out otherwise that would have been annoying - I can imagine the postage wasn`t cheap. I like this dress but if you are not happy could you turn it into a top ?

  2. I think your dress looks great! I bought that same fabric from I didn't notice any flaws in it- it's too late anyway since I already made it up into a twist dress. I like this dress on you- it looks like it will be cool and comfortable for warm weather, and then maybe when it cools off you could add tights and boots.

  3. That is definitely a "meow" dress! It looks terrific.

  4. Very flattering! I like that you kept the daring length, it looks good on you.

  5. You do have the legs for the dress. It looks great.


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