Saturday, April 2, 2011

Big day out

Friday week ago (the 25th of March) I travelled to Brisbane to visit the Craft Expo with some great sewing buddies. We had a brilliant day out!

The expo itself was OK (not great) with only one real display which was the Qld Quilters Challenge Quilts. Other than that it was mainly stalls but at least some of the good ones you want to see were there.

This is part of my bounty. A kit to crochet a rug from the most gorgeous alpaca wool and some pretty roses trim.

This is the rug pattern by Prudence Mapstone for those crocheters reading this:

A point of interest was that there was not much parking available as a lot of the carparks are still out of action since the Brisbane River flooded. The Exhibition centre is located at Southbank a precinct just next to the river. This must have impacted on the number of visitors to the Expo.

After the morning at the Expo we had lunch at West End at a great Greek Restaraunt and really enjoyed the dips, pita bread and meze plate... yum!

These are my companions for the day... Anna, Lynn and Ros. Sadly Lynn has left to return to the USA and then onto new adventures. I hope we get the chance to get together again sometime.

On our way home we stopped at the Fabric Collection at Sumner Park, where we got a very warm welcome and some great buys!

L to R. denim (for another little skirt - I wear my denim skirt all the time), top-weight linen in green and tangerine (already washed, but not ironed yet), Cotton sateen (with some stretch for pants probably the Jalie classic trouser) and a beautiful olive jersey which I am going to make into the No 1 pattern as voted in the top 10 on pattern Review for 2010...

I have made 5 out of the top 10 patterns and own 3 more of the patterns. I am considering purchasing the other two patterns and setting myself the challenge of having an item out of all top 10 patterns in my wardrobe!

Plenty of sewing has been happening, if not much blogging! When I get photos I will start a round of posts to catch up with the things I have made (including swimmers!)

Happy sewing...


  1. Sounds great - that granny square kit looks yummy!!

  2. those yarn colors look great, those will be so nice with the pattern you have picked. I love the idea of sewing all 10 of the top patterns....amazingly this year I only made one. In past years I had made more.

  3. Gorgeous crochet blanket/rug! It reminds me of my Happiness Blanket,you'll love making those flowers!

  4. I am totally in love with the wool and the crochet pattern you purchased. Will have to get that one I think!! Glad you had a nice day out. We didn't make it to the Craft Expo this year. Look forward to seeing all your sewing. Di.

  5. That's going to be a beautiful rug... will you attach a rug gripper to keep it from sliding...

    Glad you had a great time at the Expo. Your fabric haul... is so pretty.


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