Saturday, March 5, 2011

Questions & answers

I have had some questions lately so thought I should answer them as best I can in this post.
My post on Simplicity 2451 skirts had the following queries:

Imaan said...

Looks like a great pattern Sue! Very nice. I have a question about the facing on the second skirt, which you did with the rayon tape. Is that the same as Petersham? And if so, where did you buy it? Is it available in Australia, or did you source it from O/S?

Imaan - it is not the same as Petersham, it is much lighter in weight and not woven in the same way. I bought mine from this ebay seller. It is called Hug Snug. Belinda is the one who got me interested in using Rayon tape and who recommended this seller to me.
Gail said...

I love the grey skirt. Do you know where I can buy some of that hand top stitching measuring tape? Also the tab for the invisible is a great innovation - Could you do a tutorial?

Gail, I received that tape as a gift in my quilting days. I would try quilt shops. Good luck! On the tab, you can get more info and piccies on how it is done in this post. I have this on my side bar under 'My skirt sewing tips'. HTH!
Julia said...

these skirts look great on you! Has Queensland dried out yet?

The water has gone but the clean-up continues. Sadly I think there is still about 3 people missing locally and they are continuing the search for them.

From the post on the Ottobre Katherine top:
Sewingelle said...

love, love, love these tops! Green suits you too.

Did you finish the edges of the ruffles or just let them curl under?

I considered leaving the edges un-finished, but the instructions say to roll-hem the edges, so I used it as an opportunity to make better friends with my Overlocker (we have an un-easy, volatile relationship). Leaving the edges raw would be cute, but the roll-edge gives you the opportunity to use a contrast thread or perhaps a shiny thread to add some more interest to the top.

and from the review on (not sure that o3b will see this, but I thought others may have wondered the same):

o3b said...
I love your tops. I can see the results of your other pasttime love - fitness. You look fabulous in both of them. Did you do an alternate neckline shape on the floral one?

The neckline does look slightly different in each top but it is the same. I think the different fabrics used has affected how the neckline sits.

And on the post on the Navy dress:

Carol said...

What, no picture of the dress styled with stationery? Only yesterday I styled my low wrap-front dress with a large red paperclip. Perhaps we can start a new trend? Navy is a nice colour on you. I always avoid it because it reminds me of uniforms, but I'm seeing so much of it these days I might have to make something navy.

Carol - I thought about showing the fold-back clip in the photo, but mine was a very dull black!

I also had some comments on the review about trying elastic on the neck edge. I do think this would help, but I am reluctant to un-pick two rows of stitching in dark navy jersey fabric, so will not be trying it on this version.

I also had some suggestions to try it with necklaces and those people will be very happy to know that they totally enabled me to go shopping at the Elk website - love the new necklaces, but I haven't tried them with the dress yet!

I have done some more sewing, finishing my Hot Patterns Sunshiner top and will try and get a photo this week-end. I am also moving onto Autumn sewing as the weather is definitely cooling down. First up are a few pieces to wear at home - comfortable & cute (I so hope!)

And so this post has a photo... who needs a cushion when you have a dog to lean on?

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