Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Endless Combinations 2010 - Final post

The photos for my composite entry into the Endless Combinations contest have been seen in the previous posts (for sure) but for completeness I have put this post to show the entry.

Composite photo...

If you wish to see the individual items (coordinated), then check this out.

Another post soon on a second burda pencil line skirt I made and love.


  1. Wow, just wow! Great combinations, Sue. You look so stylish.

  2. I found your blog by voting for your wardrobe on pattern review! What a fun cruise wardrobe. I especially love your Jalie dress. Great work!

  3. The turquoise is the perfect colour for you get away from the terracotta this is a dreary colour.
    Thanks for your blog I do enjoy it.


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