Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sewing for others... this time the dog...

As I have participated in a couple of contests on, I decided it was time to return the favor and I volunteered to manage one. The one I scored was a fun one - Sewing for your pet!

I decided to sew along and join in the fun, so my dog Cosmo now has a new coat. This is good timing as I just had him clipped and it is not real warm yet.

The coat is based on one that I bought for him previously and the only real change I made was to lengthen the coat for his long body.

I asked the family what colour I should make for him and was told 'black leather with studs at the neckline'. Well if I sew leather it will be for me not the dog, so he had to settle for black cotton drill. I was going to embellish it with some studs but when I tried them on the jacket, the look was more gay dog (not that there is anything wrong with that) rather than the look I was going for which was tough biker dog, so I left them off.

This is the coat laid flat - you can see it is a very simple shape with a belt attached and velcro attached at the belt and neckline.

I put green fleecy inside the coat to make it snuggly and the velcro is attached so that the soft fuzzy side is the only one that will ever come into contact with the dog.

He had enough of posing for the camera and decided it was time for dogginess like watering the flowers.

Photoshoot of the cardi to come next...


  1. Good on you for managing a contest and I can't think of anything more fun that a pet one - great little dog coat!

  2. LOLing re 'gay dog'. I would like to see that!

  3. Cute - my dog is a dedicated nudist!

  4. I wouldn't want to run into Cosmo in a dark alley with that outfit. How cute.

  5. I love this! And yet your cat is happy with a Spotlight bag.

  6. But what does Lulu think of Cosmo's new look?! - Cat1

  7. So cute! I made a coat for my mom's dog and it was fun to customize it (she was a girl so it was pink hearts printed fleece).

  8. oh he does look like a tough biker dog in that second photo - and the attitude in the last picture just confirms it!

  9. Cute coat.



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