Monday, November 9, 2009

More on Vogue 8138

Photo shoot time...Vogue 8138 - or at least as many bits of it as I have made (and will show)...

The dress as shown on Diana last time, now modelled by moi. I lined it (not part of Vogue's instructions) It works well lined as I think it shows up less of the little lumps & bumps. A dead simple make.. apart from the lining the only difference to the pattern was to machine sew the hem - why would you had hand stitch it on a little simple knit dress? Love this fabric...

When I visited Kerryn's Fabric World I bought this orange fabric with a self stripe in it... and this week-end made another one.
This is my favorite of the patterns in this wardrobe. I saw a pile of these styles of dresses up at the shops today, mind you shorter and more fitting meant for a younger gal than me, but... well you do the best you can...

The wrap top, the only changes made to this - sleeves shortened and length of jacket shortened (by about 2"). I also refused to hem this - the instructions are to hem all four sides, mitering the corners... wot - could I not think of a better way to spend my week-end ... herding cats perhaps? So I trimmed the hem allowances with a rotary cutter (to ensure they were neat and straight) and then I used fray stopper on the seams left exposed. This wrap top is, as reviewed by others, OK not great - it does sort-of fall off shoulders but is OK for how simple it is. I think there is better patterns available for this kind of cardi-wrap.

Here it is modelled in a few different re-incarnations...

I also made the pants... did I photograph them... yes!... am I showing the photos here N0!
  1. I made them too short (don't cut and modify patterns when you have a head cold)
  2. the fabric doesn't work - I used the same brown jersey as the wrap - not good - too shiny as pants!
  3. the legs are fairly narrow and I don't think it suits me
so no photos here...

However I did make some knickers from the left-overs of the orange dress using Jalie 2564. They are a bit rough for a first try, but I love them and plan to do this with more scraps. I was motivated by Melissa's post on using scraps for knickers and I also stole Dawn's idea on not using leg elastic. I used foe on the waist. I would have liked to use lace elastic but didn't have any so used what I had.

These are very comfy and I will be experimenting more with this idea.


  1. I love the dress with the wrap cardi!

  2. Your dresses look fantastic! I have been wanting to make one of those wrap cardis, too, but I can't find a knit that is drapey enough. Every time a want a stable knit, everything in the store you can practically see through...but now that I want that...It's all beefy. Ah, well. Yours looks fantastic!

  3. Great dresses! Love them with the cardi.

  4. So many great new pieces - it all looks fab!

  5. That pattern fits you very well. You look great. I love them both, but I'm partial to orange. When I was a teen the other sales people at the fabric store where I worked would always let me see any orange fabric that came in before putting it out on the tables.

  6. well you certainly have been busy and have a lot to show for it (oh and some things not to show too in the best sewing tradition) .. I admire the resourcefullness of underpants from knit scraps and the dresses look lovely - you wear slinky knits well.

  7. AHHHHH, the cardi wrap looks fab with your new dresses.

  8. Cute dresses! I agree about all of that hemming. I made one for my daughter and did all the hems, maybe next time I'll just or do a rolled edge with the serger.

  9. That is a great mini collection. I must have that pattern... the dresses look awesome on you and like the addition of the wrap. I must get that

  10. You're so right - re; the wrap - I just made one today and it's ok, but not great. I thought I would like it much more than I did - Love your dresses!! Great idea on the knickers!


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