Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bits and bobs...

I haven't got any sewing done, as life has been very busy, but I will try and catch you up with some of the stuff going on. Of course, even though I am not sewing, I still have managed to increase the meters of fabric in my house. These are my latest buys...

The first two are the most divine, melt-in-your-mouth silks for tops and the third is a raw silk I plan to make into a lovely simple sheath dress. These fabrics were on sale (does that make it better?) and were bought on a day when Caity & I went to meet Lynn down in Brisbane. Lynn showed us this great little shop. Lynn is visiting from the States and this is the second time we have met up. She is a fantastic lady with a passion for sewing (and travelling).

This is Caity, Lynn and I in front of the fabrics.

This is the shop we visited. For those who can make it into Brisbane, you can find this shop upstairs in the Brisbane Arcade, behind the tea house.
All the fabrics are bought from Europe and are used to make the most beautiful couture clothing, including Chanel-style jackets with beautiful trims. You can find the clothes in a boutique on the ground floor. The rest of the fabric is then sold in this store. (Note - Australian Sewing Guild members can now get a discount in the store!) All the fabrics are high quality and range from silks to boucles, wools, etc.

This is the front of the store. I love this old arcade as it has the most beautiful shop fronts (as well as shops - if you are visiting, check out the milliners also located upstairs.)

We had a fabulous day that day but also managed to catch up with Lynn this week at the Stitches & Craft Show in Brisbane on Thursday. We travelled down on a little bus with other local members of the Australian Sewing Guild. So some more shopping and these are some trims I bought for my Chanel jacket (if it ever comes to fruition).

The petersham I actually bought on-line from America but the other trims were from the show. I also bought a piece of chain for the hem. No more excuses to make this jacket except the weather is now so warm I have no interest so I am leaving this for next year when the weather starts to cool. At least I think I have everything I need for it now!

My husband & I also celebrated our 21st Wedding Anniversary. Here we are before attending a local race day last Saturday. We had a great time with some friends I have made through our local gym. The next night we went to Brisbane (again!) and saw Elvis Costello in concert. Had a great week-end all up.

Now a gratuitous photo of Lulubelle, who is starting to take over our household...


  1. Your new fabrics are very beautiful. I want to touch them!!!
    That shop looks amazing. The stained glass in the front is gorgeous! I love stained glass.
    You look beautiful in your black dress!!!! Cute kitty.

  2. Your shopping trip sounds divine! And, shopping for fabric counts as sewing. Thinking about it counts too.

  3. You have been busy! Love your new fabrics! Love the dress you are wearing with your DH. Very flattering.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!
    The shop looks so neat. As the other poster said, I also love stained glass!
    The fabric shop looks unreal!

  5. Happy Anniversary! The fabric is gorgeous.

  6. Love your fabrics and will have to visit this shop next time I visit DS.

    Where did you buy your chain for the Chanel Jacket? This is the last piece I need.

    Lulubelle is such a pretty colour and looks so cute.

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Sounds like it was a great time fabric shopping.

    Lulubelle is adorable.

  8. Happy anniversary! Lulubelle is absolutely GEORGEOUS! Our cat, Jas, has us wrapped around her petite paw. - Cat1

  9. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you've had a wonderful time fabric shopping and got some lovely things. Your little kitty is just too precious.


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